"We had guests over a few days ago and they were marveling over our beautiful basement remodel project. While everyone compliments us on our basement, those friends and family members that had seen our basement prior to the remodel are particularly impressed with the finished product. I know that our basement presented several challenges such as: three different floor and ceiling elevations; floors that needed leveling; and the relocation of heat ducts, plumbing, and electrical wiring allowing us to maximize the usable space. The project also required that we address issues of undesirable levels of radon as well as moisture problems. You and your crew helped us work through design issues related to these challenges.

Given the complexity of our project we were impressed with how well you coordinated the many subcontractors' schedules so there was absolutely no downtime. Everyone reported as sheduled and all your subcontractors were professional and respectful of the fact that we were living in the home during the remodel project. With our project on a tight timeline and a high school graduation party hanging in the balance you did what many contractors cannot - complete a job on time.

Joe, Mary and I have worked with contractors in the past and our experience with you has been far and away the best we have ever had and would stongly recommend you to anyone considering hiring a contractor. Thank you!"
» Dexter

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