"It was my absolute pleasure to hire Joe Silitz and IdeaBuilders to remodel my kitchen, add a room on to the kitchen and reconstruct my garage. In fact, I had such a fabulous experience with project #1, that a year later I hired Joe to put a bathroom in my basement.

When folks tell me their horrible contractor experiences, I take great pleasure in calling myself the "poster child for the amazing contractor experience"! If Joe wasn't ON shedule, he was AHEAD of schedule. How many times do you hear that? Not so many, I can assure you!"

Joe has great ideas, thus the name of his company, IdeaBuilders. Some of Joe's ideas included a pitched roof in the addition and increasing the height of the garage roof to match the pitch on the rest of the house. Joe encouraged a garage door that gave the house "alley appeal" and went so far as to decorate the cut outs in the sheetrock for the garage lights. (He just wasn't happy with some of the openings). I joked with Joe that all I needed was pillars and I'd have the only antebellum garage in the world.

I came to appreciate Joe's thoroughness. Initally I was thinking that this guy asks a lot of questions, many of them repeatedly. The bottom line being he always got it right.

I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Joe for all my days.

The best bonus is that I now consider Joe a friend!"
» Beth

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